The brain, the mind and cognitive technologies
During millions of years, nervous system has evolved to adapt to the environment. In pursuit of their goals, humans have constantly changed their behaviour, and by doing so altered the system that changes the behaviour

  • Evidence-based techniques for changing behaviour
    Informed choice is the key to choosing the way to go. Get to know what techniques have been proven to work for your specific goal.
  • How it all works?
    Neuroscience for practitioners
    The brain is the link between the real world and the reality as we experience it. How it works? What can go awry? How do psychotherapy and coaching change the brain? .

  • Ekaterina Vinnik, MD, PhD
    neurobiologist, cognitive engeneer
Ekaterina Vinnik, neurobiologist, MD, PhD in cognitive neuroscience. Speaker at international conferences. Discovered an auditory illusion (Wikipedia). Since the first years of medical school neuroscience has been providing the most satisfying answers to her important questions of life, universe and cognition.

Brain studies are inseparable from studies of behavior, and studying human behaviour naturally grew into an interest in cognitive technologies and a coaching practice. Co-founder of Autoscope, a project that unites scientists and personal development practitioners for facilitating human side of being a scientist and science outreach.

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